A chi crede nei sogni basta Suite 160 per raggiungere le stelle

For those who believe in dreams,
Suite 160 will take you to the stars.


Suite 160 is the boutique of experiential dreams: those you never imagined could come true.
How? By accompanying you with professional skill and a touch of folly, from the idea of a journey or an event up to its complete implementation.

Patrizia Idile


Since I was a little girl I have felt a profound admiration for the superb, for the precious details and ideas that reach for the unbelievable. Yes, elegance is for me, together with great dreams.


Gianpaolo Deplanu


If there’s a problem, there’s a solution. This is my motto, both on the job and in my private life: concreteness and determination in all cases, never losing my smile.


Cristiano Seddone


I am always in search of new travel experiences to propose to customers.If I don’t surprise them with emotions they thought they would never experience, what’s the point?



The trill of travelling, of eventsalways refined and original, of unforgettable sensory experiences.
This is all in the exclusive package of Suite 160. A luxury mood reserved for those with great dreams, those who know what elegance is, those who expect exclusive service.

Organizziamo i tuoi eventi


Are you dreaming of an unforgettable event? We can make it come true. Suite 160 makes available all the experience and professional skills of its staff to ensure that your event will meet with the success it deserves. Together with you, we choose the concept, the ideal venue, the furnishings and successful advertising. Whether it is a public or private event, it will surely be refined and of great impact, always original.

Organizziamo il tuo viaggio nei minimi dettagli


Tickets, transfers, lodging, experiential visits: organizing a journey in detail is never simple or without stress. Trusting to an expert and enthusiastic agency means to benefit from careful and complete assistance up to your return home. Choose where to go: Suite 360 will take care of all the rest, leaving to you only the pleasure of the journey.


You experience a journey three times: when you dream of it, when you live it, and when you remember it.
For this reason, Suite 160 has reserved for you the Diamond Suite, a luxury van that has on board all the technological innovation and excellent craftsmanship of things made in Italy to make your trips comfortable and full of charm. Swivel chairs, fine fabrics, precious details for you and your four-legged friends make the Diamond Suite the ideal means of transportation to and from the airport, to the luxury hotels, to your banquets, and to crown the dream of your wedding. Suite 160 has dedicated all this to you, a person who recognizes elegance, who expects exclusive service. To you, who love to feel always at home.



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