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Suite 160 is an exclusive casket containing the wishes you never imagined you could fulfil. Let yourself be accompanied by our inspiration and professionalism. From the idea of a trip or an event to its complete realization, our goal is only one: making your dreams true.

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Continuously looking for beauty, in all its facets. In the boutique of desires, we are the tailors of your luxury experience.

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Travel emotions, refined and original events, unforgettable sensory experiences. A luxury mood reserved for those dreaming big, feeling elegance, aiming to an exclusive service.

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Youget to experience every trip three times: when you dream it, when you live it and when you remember it. This is why Suite 160 has tailored for you Diamond Suite, the luxury van containing all ofhi-tech and the craftsmanship excellence of Made in Italy to make your trips comfortable and charming.

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