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Autumn fashion tips

Fashion always "stretches" its gaze on the seasons to come, so it is no wonder that, despite the summer in full swing, autumn garments abound in stores.

Our expert Enrica Cassani, international ambassador of the Italian fashion, unveils very many and different trends for 2019-2020 autumn-winter, so as to give ample space to the imagination. Sartorial suits will surely be most popular as well as the leather and plaid patterns seen a lot by Dior, and maxi quilts and quilted in general; even the teddybear coats will continue to go strong.

From the summer the animal prints will remain, alongside the total white or black, orange, purple and glitter. As for the accessories: the cuissards, the double belt to emphasize the waist, the micro bag to match with the big one. And, an idea that Enrica likes, even though she herself warns that it is not always easy to be worn: the mini-dress on the trousers. Everyone will thus be able to find what suits best.

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