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Traveling as photographers

«You don’t enjoy the seven or seventy-seven wonders of a city», wrote Italo Calvino in his novel "The Invisible Cities" (1972), «but the answer it gives to a question of yours».

Valentina Ghezzi, aka Haruka696, the greatest Italian street photographer, our collaborator at events, parties and ceremonies, guides us from this famous phrase into the big thing of these digital years: photography. We have all become photographers, with or without smartphones, in everyday life as well as in the extraordinary moments.

And while traveling? Mashed potato. Sharing the topical moments of holidays on social networks has become a must. So how to get the most out of our images?

The guideline is that beyond the age-old smartphone-camera debate, the important thing is to have the proper eye. A journey of discovery lies within us much earlier than in what we see. It is our eye, that is our state of mind, the only “lens” that counts.

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